A Better Data Center RFP Reduces Risk

You are outsourcing your data center to reduce risk. We help reduce risk in the provider selection process.

Our Approach RFP Risks

The DataCenterRFP.com Challenge

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Data Center RFP Elements - Power

Power is at the heart of any data center RFP. Yet providers differ greatly in how they account for, provision, and bill power. How your RFP addresses power can greatly impact provider responses.


Data Center RFP Elements - Network

Network requirements in a Data Center RFP can be a source of frustration if not explicitly outlined within the RFP. Your specified carrier is present, but not with the services you are anticipating. Avoid the pitfalls.


Data Center RFP Elements - Compliance

Compliance. In general, if you don't ask the right questions, you'll only see the picture the provider wants you to see. Learn how to drill deeper.